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    How to Add a new DAT Bill Group? 
    To add a new Bill Group,  click the hyper link add new Bill Group then enter
       the code and description,  then click the ADD button.

    A Bill should have posts associated with it. To ADD post to the bills. Click on the 'Add new post to this bill'
        then Choos the post name and enter the number of post details. (Temporary / Permanent Post ). Then

How to Add a new Employee?
o add a new Employee, click PayBill Transaction Menu, choose Personal   Entry and furnish all the details,
    then click save button.


3.     What should I do when an employee gets Transferred/ Retired?
    Go to Personal Information Entry screen, choose service status appropriately (in this case either Transfer / Retired).  
     So he will not appear in the current month paybills etc.

What should I do before Pay Calculation?

      Before doing the Paycalcualtion check for the following

Enter the Personal and Pay Particulars detail of employees
              Enter the details of  Govt. Recovery if any

5.     How to add Government Recoveries for an employee?
   (Both new loan and earlier loan in case of transferred employee)

Pay Bill Transaction Menu ->Govt Recoveries Entry, then enter the employee code and
    click enter,  the employee details will be shown. To add a new loan click the hyperlink Add New Loan   
    below the grid (Table).


 How can I do modifications in the Pay Calculated? 

   To do modifications, select the Bill from right side of the list, and click Delete Pay button after the message
   will shown as “Sure you want to delete”, message box shown in that we have to click yes.


How to make changes on individual's record after Pay Calculation for a month is done ?

It is very simple. Just Choose the option 'Pay Process'. Two boxes appears  with the buttons
'Calculate Pay' (at LEFT) and 'Delete Pay' (at RIGHT).  Choose the bill of the Person, for whom
you want to make changes. Click on the button 'Delete Pay'. After your confirmation the bill gets
DELETED. Now the bill appears on the LEFT box.

Now the person's details (personal / Pay Particulars / Increment / Govt. Recoveries etc.. are available
for Modifications.

9  What to do when I get a blank Acquittance report ?.     
    'Update the Outside recovery'
once could solve this problem.

 In DA Arrear the Employees are comming together without  their individual total ?
Their PBR No. are all same. If you change it thro'  "PAY PARTICULARS" screen. Then
    again generate the DA Arrear to get the report properly.


What to do when I get an error 'Subscription Overload'  in Acquittance report ?.
Pl. Check for the 'Negative Pay' if any one have. If so, correct their pay would remove this error.

12. What to do when I get a blank Pay Inner  report ?.      
  Check whether the Bill is PRE Revised or REVISED - solve this problem.

GPF Amount is not comming ?
    Check the Date of Retirement.(3 months before it stops)


Bank To Pay (individual ECS Statement) comming as Blank?
    1. Check the Pay Inner report  for the correctness of Month and Year of the Report. Not correct then report to NIC

15. In DDO statement  outside recovery amount not appears  ?
    Pl. send the DDO Bank details to NIC.